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Wondering How You Can Lower Your A/C Bill?

Breathe Clean Heating & A/C Duct Cleaning specializes in ceramic coating for your A/C unit. Ceramic Coating can coat all of your HVAC surfaces to cover any microscopic gaps that can cause a less efficient distribution of cool or hot air, increasing your A/C bill. When our Breathe Clean professionals coat your A/C unit, your energy costs can be lowered by about 25%

Lower Your AC Bill

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating Your A/C Unit

  • Longer lasting A/C unit
  • Lowers energy costs by about 25% or more
  • Covers the whole unit including the cabinet, fan blades, and refrigeration coils
  • Safe for people, pets, and plants
  • Significantly improves airflow
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Fights the spread of viruses including Coronavirus and bacteria like Legionella

How Does It Work?

Ceramic Coating your A/C unit fills in microscopic gaps caused by pollution and salt air, leaving a smoother surface that transfers heat more efficiently. Ceramic Coating is also a conductor and conducts heat away from the coils. Ceramic Coating also reduces surface tension allowing the fan to pull more air through the coils.

In short, experience cooler temperatures, better airflow, and reduced energy costs with a ceramic coated A/C unit.

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