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You may think your chimney only needs cleaning if you burn wood but the NFPA recommends having a professional chimney cleaner inspect, service and clean your chimney and fireplace each year.

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Do you have a chimney? If so, it’s important to keep it clean and to schedule regular maintenance with a licensed professional. A dirty chimney has the potential to lead to a fire hazard which could be detrimental for your home or business. Breathe Clean Heating & A/C Duct Cleaning offers professional chimney cleaning services that will help prevent this from happening. We offer affordable rates and we guarantee your satisfaction with our work!

Take the first step in helping to prevent an unwanted fire and call Breathe Clean Heating & A/C Duct Cleaning today for a Free Estimate on our services! Our licensed professionals will come and inspect your chimney as well as other aspects of your home that can help reduce debris, dust, and dirt to help you breathe cleaner air!

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Breathe Clean Heating & A/C Duct Cleaning has got you covered and our professionals are dedicated to ensuring your safety by inspecting and cleaning your chimney and fireplace! Give us a call or fill out the form on this page to receive a Free Quote from our certified cleaning technicians.

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